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Default Re: What should I get from Kuwait?

Hey guys, thanks for the great tips. Maybe I forgot to mentions two things, I'm actually from Kuwait but I study in Canada. So I speak Arabic and know how to get a good price, I just don't know any Shisha shops there because hookah bars are dirt cheap in Kuwait, that's why I'm -ironically- asking for info. I'm also the only hardcore hookah smoker between my friends so I doubt they know anything. The second thing is, since I live in Canada, AF is actually expensive here, just like all Tobacco, it's like 50$ from a local shop, and 25ish if I order it online. So stocking up on good mass produced Tobacco is a good option for me, unless local made stuff is really that much better. I actually remember Shisha being so much better and more flavorful there but I always thought it's because I never prepare it right.

Abu Ronin: Actually I've heard many people talk about AF Golden Double Apple, they just don't export all the Golden flavors to North America, but then again it could be just a rumor.

Thunder: Yeah I'll probably go in a car trip with my friends for my month of stay. I'll drop by these places if I ever visit Bahrain. Thanks for the list. Oh yeah and please post pics of the Hose. I'd also appreciate any info on specific shops you know of, I only know of one by the beach.

*************: Don't worry about me as I said I'm from there actually. And anyway considering how ridiculously expensive Tobacco is in Canada, anything in Kuwait is cheap for me.

Again, thanks everyone. And since many of you recommended the local made stuff, I'd really appreciate it if any of you who has been there can point me to some good shops. I'm staying there for a really short time to look for shops myself.
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