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Default Re: developing cancer

I know someone who was very healthy, swam twice a weak to his 80s, never smoked, rarely drank, ate healthy, yet died of Liver and Lung cancer, and people who smoked their lungs out and died in their 90s of other causes.

Cancer is a tricky thing. You can never predict if, why, when or where it will hit, however there are risk factors confirmed by research such as smoking, exposure to some pollutants ...etc., which merely increase your risk, however it does not mean you will definitely get cancer if u have one or more of the risk factors, or that you will definitely NOT get cancer if you avoid the risk factors. It's just a matter of higher probability. Just like the inbreeding statistical relationship with birth defects. Neither Inbreeding guarantees a birth defect, nor marrying out of the family guarantees children free of birth defects, nevertheless avoiding the risks are better.
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