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Default Re: Jet Glass shots... (lots of pics)

Originally Posted by fashow69 View Post
hey thats fucking cool right there! I am now motivated to buy a glass phunnel now hahaha.. oh to wharbone try taking your mod thing and putting it in a ziplock bag filled partway with 91% rubbing alcohol just enough to submerse the mod and put some regular salt in there seal up the bag with no air left insided and shake it vigorously untill clean...and repeat with the screen aswell
I've tried the rubbing alcohol and salt. Unfortunately it doesn't do the trick when the shisha really gets baked onto the glass. I know what you mean about the rubbing alcohol/salt though. I have used that cleaning solution many times for other types of cleaning.

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
I have bought this just a few days ago and used it frequently since.. My review will come very shortly.. just feeling it out and waiting for some pictures with digi-cam...
Looking forward to the pics. I thought you said you bought one last time too? Maybe I'm just confussed.

Originally Posted by HookahGuru View Post
Awesome, I have to get one looks great!

nice pics btw looks like you have a nice camera too.
Yeah, the XT is a great camera. My parents are professional photographers in San Diego. They gave me the camera as a return for me building their computer (the one they do photoshop and other digital photo stuff on).

I still need to take time and really learn what I'm doing. I took a photography class in HS and remember a little from that.
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