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Default Bulk coals

Ok this is probably a multi-part question but since I don't really have a plan I will just see where it goes.

We were at a hookah lounge recently and they used bulk coals. Main thing I noticed was since we weren't given tongs it was a little difficult to manage the heat. Other than that it was the most pleasant experience we have had to date. So a few questions here.

Why are these almost never discussed here?

How big of a pain is it to make your own and out of what wood is best?

Are they that much cheaper if you have to use twice as many?

Flavor wise how do they compare with pressed natural coals? I am wondering this because it seems the pressed ones would be easier but since they are made by pulverizing charcoal and then using a binding agent like corn starch or other starches does that affect the flavor. To me there wasn't like a night and day difference in the naturals and QL's but my wife seems to think they are like a completely different experience.
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