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Default Layalina Pomegranate

Before I go off half cocked about this I wanted to ask about it. We went to a place over the weekend to try a different place to smoke. I was a little worried cause they only have multi-hose hookahs and the set up on this thing was crazy. They gave us two hoses cause we brought one of my wife's friends with us and we felt like it would be a good idea to get the second hose so she wouldn't have to put her mouth on the hose after us and vise versa. Ok so they bring this thing out with a wind screen on it. I took it off cause we were just getting started and the coal hadn't even fully lit yet. Under the wind screen was a clip on windscreen. Ok so we opened that to blow on it a little to get it lit. We finally did. We never put the big screen on but we went from putting the little one all the way on to cracked a little to wide open and some variation of that. Anyway the whole time it was just not very fruity at all some times I was tasting more of the tobacco than the flavor other times it was just a week smoke. The question is was this more a problem with the setup, our messing with the setup, or the particular Layalina we got? Also is $5 for a 50g as outrageous as it sounds to me for this stuff?
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