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Default Re: developing cancer

Originally Posted by TheMadnessAxis View Post
how long does it take to develop cancer ?

like lets say someone for never smokes ...

starts to smoke

around 7 - 9 bowls a week

how long will it take him to develop cancer?

lets say 6 months , can someone gain cancer in that short period ?
Your questions indicate that you don't understand how diseases work. Basically anything you do has a corresponding risk factor that is expressed as an increase in the likelihood of contracting some ailment in comparison to a statistical control group. The thing is that nothing, including disease, happens in a vacuum so for a given behavior, like smoking, to have a well established risk factor a lot o attention has to be paid to other aspects of behavior, demographics and genetics in order for the risk factor to have any meaning.

While it's true that cigarette consumption entails a substantial risk to one's health in numerous ways the problem is that research in such areas is laughably shabby, openly biased and the conclusions wildly exaggerated by the media.

If you are interest in learning something about these issues I could post some links for you to read and could use the search function to find some material I posted here on the matter in the past.
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