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Default Re: Quicklite taste problem

Originally Posted by Mende View Post
HEy guys! I keep having this problem. I usually need a second set of charcoal after teh first to finish my bowl but altho I wait for them to ash over they still taste like petroleum and mothballs. Why do you think that happens and how could I prevent it?
If you're lighting the coals and putting them on the bowl before they ash, you'll still get some flavor even if you dont smoke off them. Also, setting them in the tray next to the bowl will also allow some of the smoke coming off them to be pulled down into the shisha if you smoke while the new coals are ashing.

Best thing to do is set the coals off on the side in a holder and let them ash away from the bowl. Then after they've completely ashed put em on top and start smoking.

Also, cheap quick lights are your worst enemy in coal flavor.

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