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Default Re: developing cancer

Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
After 7500 bowls you start to develop lung disease. You don't realize it but it is there. 8200 and it becomes obvious. 8400 and you are dead. Do like me and keep a note pad near your hookah and tick off the bowls. Just stop before7499 and you are fine. Just don't use a pencil cause they are made of carbon.

In all seriousness you need to be conscientious when you decide to smoke. Know that there are very real risks involved. lung cancer and lung disease are statistically more likely if you smoke or are around second hand smoke a lot.
Actually the second hand thing has about as much scientific worth as a teletubbies rerun. Check the links I posted recently and read up on the matter. Other wise I concur that one should be as informed as possible when doing anything that carries a significant health risk.
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