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Default hookah on the beach

So my bud and I decide to go to a local spot here in fort myers on the beach and smoke some hookah. Ive always thought you could have fires on the beach. So, we set the hookah up and the fire waiting for the coals to heat up. As i was about to pop the coals on low and behold a cop pulls up doing his nightly check on the beach i guess. He was mad about the fire as it was illegal there and we completely missed the sign that said that. But, he was cooler that shit about the hookah. He asked if it was lit already like he wanted some. We talked about the hookah somemore and he was in love with it, was awesome. So I just wanted to post this saying not all cops are narrowminded.....this guy and his partner where so damn cool. He saw we where locals and where just chilling and let us off with nothing even though he could have cited us with a fire in a state park(which i didnt know either). It was a epic mistake on my part being a local and not knowing shit about this particular beach. So we put the fire out and smoked it up........i felt like a pimp
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