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Default it looked like my foil had vaporized

i was smoking with some friends last night using the pocket foil method again so they could see what it was all about, and when i took the first coal off to light another there was a big hole in the middle of the holes in the top layer of foil. theres no explanation for this since i only poke holes in the middle of the top layer about an inch and a quarter in diameter, so the coal just rests on the holes with no need to move it.

it looked like the foil had melted away or something! the layer of foil underneath had sort of a grey haze on it. i notice the "haze" speckled around the inside edge of my bowl sometimes where the outisde holes in the foil are almost touching the bowl. has anybody else had this happen i dont care what people say about water catching the aluminum or w/e i dont wanna be smoking vaporized aluminum!
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