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When i first got my hookah...the day i got it i slept over my friends house thinking we were gonna have a really chill all night hookah session...not so much....Well we waited until around ten and we lit up and we started smokin....about thirty minutes into it my friend decides to lay down on his bed....soo he's chillin with the hose and i knew something bad was gonna happen because he's a i tell him to sit up and he said "just one more" so im like 'ok' and he rolls over with the hose in his mouth and the coals all broke up and burnt clean through his brand new we spent two hours cleaning it up and we decided to lite up again.........THE SAME THING HAPPENED..EXCEPT the coals werent too far killed yet so long story short...we finshed it off...we tried to clean it up...he has many many burn marks in his carpet....he hates himself....bad still happy
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