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Default Re: $9.99 single electric burner + coco nara coals = GOLDEN

Originally Posted by ElektrikBlack View Post
Good stuff...Would you be able to pull the model number or brand from? I've been checking at my Walgreen's for the past week and all they have is the 2-burner for $30. I've asked about the single and they stated they didn't have it and would need a model number or brand to do a look-up... Thanks!

Hey man, I'll get a picture uploaded for you isnt loading for me. But its made by UL Listed Kitchen Gourmet and is called a Electric Buffet Range Single Burner.

Item # 803264
UPC# 049022130852

The front and rear of the box is Red/burgandy with white lettering with a black border that wraps around the top and bottom.

My walgreens has like 6 of them. The shelf was completely full of them. I can pick you up one tomorrow and ship it to you or anyone else for that matter. Just cover the $9.99 + tax and shipping charges.
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