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Default Re: developing cancer

you probably have "cancer" right now, cancer is a mutation of cells. the average person supposedly gets "Cancer" at least 10 times in their lives, but your body sees it and destroys the mutated cells. there are sooooo many things that can and do contribute to cancer: health history, family history, environment, every thing that gets into your body.

a good friend got prostate cancer at 30, probably due to him working in a plastics lab ( plastic in the male body is seen as estrogen, estrogen leads to prostate cancer, hence the reason older men get it because their estrogen levels go up as the men age.

plain and simple if you dont want to get cancer, then kill your self because while there are things that are may "lead to cancer" plenty of people that never had exposures to any thing and no family history get cancer all the time, and people that should be #1 on the list to get it dont.

you will die at some point, enjoy life, take care of your self, and use moderation
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