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Default Ayam Zaman Melon + *******Hooah QLs Vid

Hey this review took a while, and honestly for the time I'm not quite so happy. I tried to review 2 things in one, big mistake, the video I uploaded to youtube like 5 times was 14 minutes long and I forgot about the 10min limit. The file was 160mb so it wasnt quite fun either. And youtube didnt tell me, I'd just come back and it would act like hey, you didnt do anything.

But of course that was only after premier cropped the videos wrong, so I had to do it in iMovie so I could finally release it.


it at least shows you the shisha and the coal actually being lit w/ a Bic lighter.

i liked the shisha, good flavor for me, and good buzz, the smoke was good for me, but others have not all been so lucky.

as for the coals, they became my QLs of choice.

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