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Default Re: $9.99 single electric burner + coco nara coals = GOLDEN

Originally Posted by nmcgrawj View Post
Hey man, I'll get a picture uploaded for you isnt loading for me. But its made by UL Listed Kitchen Gourmet and is called a Electric Buffet Range Single Burner.

Item # 803264
UPC# 049022130852

The front and rear of the box is Red/burgandy with white lettering with a black border that wraps around the top and bottom.

My walgreens has like 6 of them. The shelf was completely full of them. I can pick you up one tomorrow and ship it to you or anyone else for that matter. Just cover the $9.99 + tax and shipping charges.
Thanks for the information and pictures, now I can give them something specific...I almost said the heck with it and bought the double, but then passed because it wasn't as portable as the single...
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