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I love using bulk coal at home (we just call them BBQ coal here as briquettes aint so wide spread). I light them on a gas stove and they literally take as much time as i need to prepare a bowl. I usually have the hookah ready, put the coals on the gas stove and when am done packing the bowl they are glowing red.
Making your own would be time consuming and really not worth the trouble. I can get a 5 kilo bag of best quality bulk coal for 3.20Euro. Thats about 4.90dollaras. At less than 1Dolar per KG i believe it cant get any better.
But for 5 Euros i can alos get a 3 kilo bag of bioCoal (olivepip or coconut shel) so i have lots of options to choose from. I am always stocked up on coal. Right now i prolly have more than 10KG of naturals laying around for less than 20 dollars
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