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Default Re: looking for a new hookah

i would say go for a single hose.. But i know that you are looking for a party hookah. That's also why you want a case.
Well you can buy cases by themselves for not too much. And it sounds like you would want something very durable and sturdy. And honestly... I wouldnt get something too expensive.. cause when you party with a hookah.. when the nights done you may not be in your right mind, and some sinister shit bag will find this the perfect opportunity to slip away with your pipe. You also probably want a rig that is adaptable, and covered very well under a good warranty.

At first i would say by one of Jimmy's multi hose Syrians.. But on second thought, those are too good to go to waste (breakage, theft, tripping on shit..).. So i would go with this...

it's sturdy, wont break, and the price might be pretty high.. But it smokes wonderfully, and you can buy hose port adapters that change it into a 4 hose. (all they do is add a hose port and charge you ten dollars on the site), but you don't necessarily have to buy from H-S, i've seen these pipes cheaper in a lot of different places.

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