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Default Re: Awful session with phunnel & glass screen

glass screens and bowls is the best thing that happend to hookah smoking in long time.. The reason you cannot use glass screen for phunnels is pretty obvious.. glass screen has just a large hole in the middle but hey, so does phunnels! so yeah what will happend. witout the mod the heat will just transfer down past the tobacco and down in ur lungs.. not to good taste no..
try using a glass screen on a regular egyptian bowl and dont make the middle hole in the bowl as open as u normally do it.. then u will see you dont ever want to use foil again..
but for phunnel bowls as tangiers its the only bowl I use foil.. but the best would be a phunnel and a mod, unfortuanally th tangiers phunnel bowl with mod doesnt fit the screen so ..
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