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Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
as far as cinnamon is concerned, nakhla sheherazade cinnamon is hands down the best on the market.Also, don't be afraid to add spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon ect, to liven up your tobacco.
Huh. for some reason I never thought of that...

I am actually a traditional herbal smoker as well and I have a lot of mints that I am going to try adding to my hookah tobacco. For some reason although blending flavors was obvious to me in other areas it was never really a thought concerning hookah tobacco and other elements. There are a lot of really nice flavors that can be derived from herbs as proven by some more traditional and complex tobaccos. I was actually planning on blending a true herbal shisha tobacco using raspberry leaf rather than the sugar cane fiber we see most often.

Just as a disclaimer: I have never smoked anything illegal and do not intend to do so. Just getting rid of that thought before it arises.

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