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Default Hookah Advice...probably came to the right place

Hi, im new to this forum, so i figure i should post something...

ive been smoking hookah for a few years now, not a lot, but whenever i can. Like in bars, friends houses that have hookah, etc

but im hate having to go to my friends houses to smoke cus i dont have a pipe, so i want to buy my own and have my friends over to my house, plus my frends hookahs arent the best

Ive been searching on the internet, and im lost...i really dont know much when it comes to buying hookah pipes. ive seen some that are maded by "Miss Nile" they look cool, but are cheap as shit, and i dont trust anything that looks well made but costs 15.

i was hoping some of you might be able to point me in the right direction on which hookahs to buy, and where from...

i dont want to spend a lot, but i can afford more than 15, i thought 40-50 might be a good price? also i dont want a huge one with lots of hoses, only need 1 or 2

any help would be awesome...thanks
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