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Originally Posted by DJ HOSSEIX View Post
Although i too currently have my taste buds going for more traditional style tobacco especially the ones i brought back from iran and the more "spice" like tobaccoes i can confidently tell you that if you get any AF with dates of july 08 + you will be ok. I tried some of the 2007 batches and it was crap but the recent 08's are really good. So far i have tried the following:

AF orange
AF grape
AF mint
AF watermelon (a bit too strong tasting for me)
AF melon
AF strawberry
AF apple
AF Esk. Apple
AF jasmin
AF Gum
AF Cinnamon
AF Cardamon
AF grenadine
AF Plum

I am close to opening my lounge here in california so i get a lot of samples from AF and i particularly told them to send me some of their newest production date samples and rest assure they were great.
Sounds great. Thanks for the advice and I wish you the best of luck on the business. Where are you opening?
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