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Default bad day of smoking

to day was the first day ive smoked since tuesday since ive been home and dont have any where inside i can smoke... and i usually smoke every day

so i went to my friends place today and smoked some with him. between my new nammor that i havent gotten all the plastic taste out of and his dirty hookah i honestly couldnt smoke much. in comparison i clean my rig every day i use it and he just swaps water out before he smokes and washes his rig every couple weeks (smokes a little less frequently than i do). he doesnt have washable hoses, and the bowl we used had some black ring crap left that i couldnt scrub off to well. when i smoked through my nammor that has been broken in its ok but still a little off from the hookah, not too bad though, but from any other hoses i either get a dirty mix of flavors or just the damned plastic taste.

the best way ive found to get the nammor plastic taste gone is with baking soda and lemon juice but it seemed to still leave some taste in, does any one know of a way that really kicks this freaking taste out? i just cannot smoke though this, at least as it still is, maybe i just need to try a really really heavy flavor to try and cover it or just give it to my friends when they come over as their hose to use but gahhhh.

im going to try and wash it more tomorrow when i get back, and light up a few bowls, god i am jonesing for some good hookah

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