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Default Re: bad day of smoking

Originally Posted by onehourlater View Post
I think the Baking soda/Lemon deal is the best you can do - and while on the topic are these hoses actually worth it if they fall apart/taste like plastic?
the plastic taste goes away, i just right now cannot put up with it (plus having sensitive taste/smell) and i really have only used it lightly on 3 bowls and washed for about 15 mins.

as to the falling apart, one of my hosed the glue came out on but it was fixed in 30 seconds with my hot glue gun... then i accidentally dropped the port side onto my concrete floor and the broke. the have a great pull, look nice, and seem to be over all great hoses to me. i dont like the fact they are put together with hot glue but i can get over it. that being said though the new one i got the grommet that holds in the mouth piece looked like it was glued with a red glue so im not sure if they switched. if i could find a washable hose that looks as good that had no taste and was as durable along with being same price or cheaper i would get them, but i havent found that yet personally

you know those uber thick straws at fast food places you get some times? its like that how its just do easy to get the fluid/air in, normal hoses/normal straws arent bad but these sure are better

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