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The height doesn't make any difference at all.

The defusers are great for making your hookah quieter. I have my hookah at my desk all day and when talking to customers on the phone it would be a bad thing for them to hear my hookah going all the time. So I used a defuser and nobody hears it.

The other benefits of a defuser are hardly noticeable. By making more bubbles and smaller bubbles, more of the smoke comes in contact with the water than the fewer big bubbles you get without the defuser. In theory, this makes the smoke cooler and removes more nicotine.

I use a defuser and noticed a very slight cooler smoke but only when using it with ice water. If you don't use ice water, the defuser only causes your water to get warmer faster and defeats the purpose and you will never notice a difference. I know this because I have tried experiments with a tempature probe in the water while smoking.. Yea, I know that is weird but I just had to know.
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