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Default Interesting little tid-bit

I've been doing an experiement with my coals the last 2 weeks. Basically I've noticed some of the them doing strange things... quite often in the same bag/batch/roll.

So I did some playing around: opened fresh rolls and new bag of coals - took half put them in dual zip-lock bags and left the other half out as I normally do.

After using some of boh lots, I started noticing about day 3-7 different things and came to the conclusion that air exposure may be causing some of the "issues" with my coals.

The goldens, when first opened, light instantly and ash over in under 1 min. Those left open & exposed to air, even when the foil wrapper is rolled back over them, took longer to light, tended to take longer to ash over and sometimes would break apart when ashing. The ones left in "more airtight" containers sparked as if fresh, ashed faster and didn't break apart.


Same held true with the Dynimite coals - those keep airtight tended to "shatter" less, not pop when heating, and heat faster.

Next week I'm gonna try the same experiement w/ my SB Naturals and see if they are affected as well.

Reasoning behind this: i think coals that use excellerants to light/heat, the excellerant "lifespan" may be affected and shortened by prolonged contact with air.

Has anyone else noticed any of these effects with their coals?
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