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Default Re: Looking for a multi hose hookah

Originally Posted by shishaholiC View Post
A mya can be converter from auto-sealing to not auto-sealing by simply removing the bearings from the hose ports. That would not work on a four hose rig because when someone is smoking, there are three people who need to remember to cover their hose.
The draw on the myas aint so noticable if you are smoking with wide hoses unless you are actually looking to find for that difference.
I would recomend something shorter than a collosus though, and try to get something that doesnt need to be broken in 30 pieces to be cleaned.

a Phalcor, Paragon or Gyro would be your safest bet IMO.

My only concern with my collosus is that its too big for everyday use and maintenance (cleaning etc.) That thing is to hookahs what tank is to cars.
Well said, I guess I was'nt thinking about 4 hoses I would love to know how well it works as every 2 hose rig just is not as nice as a single.
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