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Default Re: About a hookah.

If its a tiny pumpking hookah, then the heat transfers to the water, otherwise its not really a big deal.

The taller ones are nicer to look at. They can be placed on the ground where a hookah is meant to go, and they are easy to adjust (you dont have to bend over)

that being said, I love my 26" nour more than my 40" egyptian. I have a mya too, but its really nothing in comparison to my nour. I had a few people try them all out this weekend, the mya going w/ 2 hoses, the km going w/ one and the nour. after 5minutes no one touched the other 2 hookahs they all wanted to smoke on the nour. Its really that much more enjoyable.

For me, I clean after every bowl, at least a rinse down the steam and a definate change of water mainly cause sometimes i dont want the flavors to mismatch.

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