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Default Re: cutting a "heart" into a "common chamber"?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
ok so i know people talk about the differences and all but either way the only difference is just that they weld on a plate with holes in it to cover the little area that has the port on it right? couldnt we just cut that part off or at least cut it out more so it was easier to clean? i dont think it would lost structure and if it really is a worry you can just leave some arms to keep the integrity there.

am i totally missing something or is this exactly what can be done?
After reading this thread a bit of clarification is needed I think.
Basically you have 3 styles of narghiles:

1) Ported. This style has 2 set of piping that directs the smoke from the base into either the hose or the purge outlet. The typical Egyptian and Turkish rigs usually uses this style.
2) Chamberless. This style is an open space in which the smoke is not enclosed in a separate chamber or directed via piping. The typical Chinese rig uses this style.
3) Common chamber. A metal plate separates a a portion of the smoke from the plate which is fed by 2-6 inlet holes but uses not tubing to direct the smoke. Typically used in Syrian and Indian rigs.

I would maintain that the common chamber gives a great draw, higher density and a better smoking experience although that is a matter of preference.

Cleaning a common chamber is not a problem if you invest a few bucks for a decent line brush which i've posted about a few times in the past. A thick paste of baking soda a lemon juice works wonders in cleaning any rig.
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