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Default Re: Cigarettes vs hookah

Originally Posted by aznfamous View Post
whats difficult for me to believe is that when you model the smoking of a cigarette, there is not much of a comparison to a real-world scenario. a normal cigarette smoker does not smoke a cigarette in one long inhale.

if the was some factor to the model other than that the filter simulates the lungs or w/e i would be more confident and willing to interpret the results.
That's what I never did. I never did a one long inhale otherwise the time would be about 40 seconds. I did it like a normal person that would smoke a cigarette every ten to five seconds. Also did the same with the hookah, I did a one long inhale, and a normal person that would take a hit from the hookah and they both came out the same. BTW the water did not get into the hose.
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