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Default I need to dethrone the Pom. King

As it stands now, I can't find a better Pomegranite than Layalina. It's the perfect mix of sweet and sour, perfect sized clouds and plenty of juice (it's layalina, come on =)). The Layalina market is drying up, I've tried 3 different sites and from what I hear Layalina is slowly fading away.

What I need is another brands pomegranite to get me hooked. AFs grenadine was far too sweet for me, and Starbuzz's pome. . . well let's just say we're not compatible. Are there any other brands that make a pomegranite you would recommend? From what I hear HH and Al Amir both make a pomegranite, I wanted to know if anyone has smoked either of the two.

Thanks for your time.
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