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Default Re: Looking for a multi hose hookah

Most Mya hookahs except for the mini ones (i.e. qt, bambino, chic, razo...) are expandable up to 4 hoses.

The most popular multi hose option is the Mya Acrylic. Our site carries them in variations up to 4 hoses, or you can get a single hose and upgrade on an as needed basis since most sites carry the adapters for them.

You may also want to consider a rotator hookah. Although some people might disagree, rotators can be very high quality and do smoke well plus a rotator with even 1 hose makes group smoking easier. The best judge of quality in an Egyptian hookah is to see if a retailer will offer a warranty on the stem. We do because we trust the quality of our rotators, and most other retailers do as well such as Social Smoke.

Hope this helps.

Hookah Life
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