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Default Re: Cops have my hookah

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
Mayhaps if your primary concern is your eligibility for the forces you may want to make sure you are the perfect citizen. Being one of the members of the armed forces means you must be willing to give your life to defend the people living in this country, the freedoms and liberties of those people and the goverment that provides us with the life we lead.

By the way a good number of those cops you hate are probably former soldiers. That is a career path chosen by many of the vets I know. They are mostly good people who fight the same fight a soldier often does but on a local playing field. They defend our way of life from those that may wish to harm us or take away our freedom. They deserve as much respect as we can provide them. They are part of our armed forces as well and lead a dangerous and stressful lifestyle.
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