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Default The SamBooka interview - Freak's Blend-Off

The Official Interview between HookaH-HookaH and Buddy G, the winner of the Freak’s Blend-Off!

HH: How’s it going Buddy! We know you’re pretty excited about winning the Freak’s Blend-Off, but we have to start off with a very basic question first… How long have you been smoking hookah?

BG: For around two and a half years now. It was actually an ex-girlfriend that got me into hookah. I was quitting smoking cigarettes and everything just sort of fell in place.

HH: Very nice… so this Ex pushed you into the whole hookah scene? How did you get really involved?

BG: Well, when I get into something I really get into it, especially with hobbies and stuff… and since I’m a developer by trade I really jumped into the internet community stuff. I wanted to see a community that gave honest reviews that was for the people. I guess you could say that it really fueled my passion for Hookah.

HH: Agreed, you’re still going strong! Did you start mixing flavors right away as soon as you got into hookah or were you more of a fan of straight flavors when you first started?

BG: I actually started mixing flavors immediately after I purchased my first hookah. We only had this Mango flavor to start off with, and I wish I could remember what brand it was because it was a really good Mango. Anyway, I started looking for flavors that I thought would go well with Mango, and I bought some Double Apple because I thought it was really Double Apple, not Apple and Licorice! I don't know why they don't put that on the box!? Haha, everyone who tried that mix was completely grossed out, so I guess my first experience with mixing wasn’t that great… and I learned what Double Apple was real fast.

I dunno, I guess I’ve always been trying new things. Like… one of the first things I did was put straight milk in the base of my hookah to test out how it would work. It got really gross really fast because I had milk bubbling up into the hose! Haha, another terrible mistake. I suppose hookah is always a learning experience!

HH: Yeah man, we’ve made some terrible mistakes around here with some base mixtures and trying out new combinations, that’s for sure. However, now you hold the title for 2008 Blend Master for HookaH-HookaH … is there anything that you think helped you along the way with making your tasty blends?

BG: I really would say that my background in design and development have helped me out some. Having a creative mind helps you put things together and can really help with things like blends… and this might sound weird but I’m one of those people that’ll hit the snooze button multiple times in the morning. I have a really hard time waking up. But sometimes in the morning I have some of the weirdest dreams, and one morning I dreamt up the mix for an Apple Cider flavor, and I jumped out of bed and wrote it down because I didn’t want to forget it.

After the mix was perfected I took it to a Poker Party and sent some samples to a couple of folks on the forum I frequent… and the feedback was all the same. People really liked it and the first time they tasted it they gave me this wide-eyed look of "Holy Crap this is amazing!" They frequently request Spiced Apple Cider now even when I'm bringing over new stuff for them to try!

HH: Well, you managed to get the widest variety of voters, so I think that speaks for itself! Congratulations Buddy, and have an excellent Thanksgiving!

BG: You too!

(please inform me if I mangled anything too terribly SamBooka)

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