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Default Re: Layalina Pomegranate

Fez I don't know if you've read any of my posts recently, but needless to say i am a HUGE fan of Layalina pom. I've got it smoking perfectly in an egyptian clay bowl with foil and CH coals, and my oh my its probably my favorite shisha. Then again, Pomegranites are my favorite fruit. It was the perfect blend of sweetness mixed with sour, damn I want some right now.

5 bucks is pretty lame for a 50g of the stuff though. It's supposed to be around 3 bucks for a 50g of it, so you are getting hosed 2 bucks. As for whether its the tobacco, if you have a not dryed out (can't imagine layalina dried out) good batch than it can't possibly be the tobacco. I'm actually trying to hunt down a kilo of the stuff myself.

Layalina makes great berry and SOME fruit flavored shisha. I'll avoid the mangosteen like the plague, but their Blackberry/Raspberry/Blueberry/Pomegranite/Passion fruit smokes are rather enjoyable IMO. A pomegranite that hits the mark 100% has not been made yet, but of all the poms i've tried this one is the closest to hitting the nail on the head (I actually like it a little more for the sourness =) )
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