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well if your going to be trying it out i recommend you get the 100g tins instead of the 250's. this way if you hate the flavor you dont have a lot of it left and then you can get the 250's.

only 2 places i know of have it. PYH and wholesale hookah
WH has it in tins or just in baggies at 100g. 5 dollars extra to get it in the tins. 50 bucks for 5 flavors so 10 bucks a flavor or 6 bucks a flavor if you include tins.
PYH has tins at 100g. 25 bucks for 3 flavors plus a bag of coals so you can see it around 8 bucks per flavor and a bag of coals free or around 6 bucks per item. slightly cheaper but it has charcoal, you can call billy and see if he can remove the charcoals and give a discount but i dont know on this.
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