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Default Re: Cops have my hookah

Originally Posted by Hookah_Ninja View Post
Anything that can contribute to helping an underage person smoke tobacco product is illegal for them to have. Even rolling papers. I asked the cops a lot of questions, im a real dick to cops.

i know they are pretty much all from the armed forces, i have conversations with them while im sitting in handcuffs.

It just upsets me because i dont have anywhere to go to smoke my hookah, so when i find a peaceful spot, they have to come bust up the party. And knowing im in the army now, they bring shit down on me harder.

But what-evs.
Cops are more lenient to you when youre in the armed forces and not next to a major installation.

Cops are kinda strict otherwise, because there are a lot of idiots who make the rest of us look bad, DUI's etc.

Key is to be respectful, even when being an ass. And never never allow minors to partake in something they are not legally allowed to do. I mean as a minor i couldnt even sit at the bar at a dave and busters w/ my dad, now its not an issue, but you gotta wait like the rest of us did

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