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I think its the shisha, I just got some AF grape, date June 08. It tastes like crap. It's an almost rancid, overly sweet grapeish flavor, that has the most stems I've ever seen in shisha. If this is how AF is, I don't know why its popular, as its crap. I also got some AF Melon to try, and it was completely bad. I have never, EVER, had shisha that I had to wonder if its bad or not. Even Romman was better than this crap. From what is being reported here and in other forums, AF is going downhill, and has been for awhile. I picked up some Layalina Grape a few months ago from my local shop to try, as they don't have a wide selection, but it was surprisingly good. Smoked great, tasted as close to grapes as you'd expect. All in all, FAR superior to AF grape that seems to be regarded as the best grape.

I'll probably be getting rid of it soon, probably have atleast half a tub left..
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