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Originally Posted by nmcgrawj View Post
Circular breathe? Whats that in your nose/out your mouth?

I guess what i need to work on is inhaling at a constant rate cause when i exhale the smoke comes out like this:

. . . . . . .. .... . . ... .................................. . . . .

LOL if that makes sense. Its light and then the huge clouds come so i have to exhale, stop, try to blow O's, and by then my body wants to keep exhaling so its not a "clean" exhale.

I can blow O's with the light clouds in the beginning....but they are light.

Sorry for the crappy clarification in my response.

Circular breathing is a technique musicians who play wind instruments use. Rather than stopping to breathe, you fill your mouth with air, force the air out of your mouth to continue to get sound, and inhale through your nose at the same time, essentially never needing to stop playing.

The basic meaning was that having good control over your ability to smoothly exhale, stop, and start exhaling again without getting that *huff* makes it easier to blow smoke rings.

Just practice exhaling slowly, stopping, then starting again without coughing or huffing out a big puff of smoke.

Also, the first few seconds you exhale the smoke will be thinner since the first part to be exhaled is the smoke still in your mouth / throat, the rest of it is sealed away in your lungs and takes a second to get back out of your body.
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