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Default Re: do you inhale?

Originally Posted by CPill View Post
you mentioned that by the time you get to the thick smoke and begin to start making smoke rings, your body wants to continue exhaling... if i understand correctly, maybe when you're smoking you're going: completely empty -> inhale -> completely full. when trying to do smoke rings, i think it's best to use your regular "breathing range" and keeping the tension out of your lungs

So you mean to inhale the smoke after taking a regular breath of air?

So like......air: breath in, out, in then take a hit? Cause i do go from exhaling air to inhaling smoke, like you descibed going from empty to full of smoke.

Originally Posted by CPill View Post
it also depends on HOW you're blowing your rings. the two methods i've heard of is when you 1. pop your jaw to cause the smoke in your mouth to be forced out 2. immitating a small "cough".

i personally use the second one, and that way i can start blowing rings when the smoke is weak at first ((it usually isn't for me though)) all the way through the cloudy smoke, to the weak smoke at the end. and because i'm making this "cough" motion with my throat, i don't really worry about having to exhale because the coughing gradually exhales some of the smoke
I saw the video on jaw popping but i suck at it.....i do the coughing technique too.
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