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Originally Posted by nmcgrawj View Post
So you mean to inhale the smoke after taking a regular breath of air?

So like......air: breath in, out, in then take a hit? Cause i do go from exhaling air to inhaling smoke, like you descibed going from empty to full of smoke.
sorry i probably didn't explain it very well...
so you can breathe like this: completely empty -> breathe -> completely full.
and when i say this i mean that you blow ALL your air out (completely empty) where it feels like your lungs are rung out of all oxygen, then you breathe in to completely full, where it feels like your lungs will burst if another iota of oxygen comes in.
what i was saying about THAT type of breathing/smoking is that it creates a lot of tension in your chest and will give you the feeling that you NEED to exhale to inhale more oxygen, as a natural bodily defense.

to rid yourself of that feeling of NEEDING to exhale the smoke, i was saying that instead of going COMPLETELY empty -> COMPLETELY full, go from a COMFORTALBE empty -> COMFORTABLE full.
when you breathe normally, such as when you're speaking with someone, the air you use is the comfortable range. when you're "empty", there's still oxygen in your lungs, and when you're "full" you can still breathe in more air, but to go past those comfort points would create tension and the NEED exhale. so i was saying that to not feel like you NEED to exhale and thus making it difficult to blow smoke rings, you should stay in the comfortable range instead of maxing out your lungs to both extremes.

so when smoking, don't do this process: 1. force out all oxygen 2. inhale smoke until lungs are 100% full 3. blow out smoke/blow smoke rings
but do this instead, and remain relaxed: 1. exhale to 25% oxygen 2. inhale to about 75% 3.blow out smoke/blow smoke rings
it will help you be able to "hold your breathe" without feeling like you gotta force out the smoke before you get the chance to even blow out your rings

sorry it's so long winded, and i HOPE it helps, cause i'd hate for you to read all that and be like "wow, what a waste" you know?

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