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Default Re: Shipping to Canada

[FONT=Verdana]The problem is that no vendor wants to send a package without the original invoice in it. If they would be willing to remove the invoice and mark down the shipping label this would not be a problem at all. [/FONT]
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[FONT=Verdana]All shisha tobacco is now labelled "manufactured tobacco containing non-tobacco products (2403100011)." Again this new tax is both good and bad because there is way around it but if a vendor is not willing then the taxes are so outrages that I would consider just not smoking. [/FONT]
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[FONT=Verdana]In my case I am not that close to the border itís about 2 hours from me and that only takes me into Buffalo and I cannot find a hookah shop in Buffalo that is close to the border. So my option here is to buy overpriced 250g boxes of Nahkla which I hate or risk the tax. I think I am going to keep searching for a vendor that is willing to help us Canadians out.[/FONT]
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