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Default Help setting up an old fashioned hookah

Ok well i'm not exactly sure if it's old fasioned or not. But i have this hookah with no grommets. Instead it has strings, fabric material that you use to seal the hookah. I recieved it as a gift about 5 years ago from my grandparents ,and well never really used it cuz i was never able to set it up properly and instead it has been more of a decoration item.

Yesterday i decided to give it another try at setting it up. Before each set-up i would test for leaks. (Putting my finger over the top of the stem and sucking through hose). After a few different methods i found out that wetting the strings and leaving some of it hang to the side (string was too long/thick to properly fit with all of it wrapped around) was the best way of getting a good enough seal to make it smokeable. Theres still a leak cuz i can suck through the hose even with my finger over the stem. It pulls nice with little to no effort at all with some decent smoke (knowing theres a leak). I know this hookas has potential!! i can only imagine how it will be without any leaks.

So i guess my question is what is the "proper" way of setting up those kinds of hookahs to make it leak-proof. With no luck of findind anything on the internet about it's set-up i figured to ask you guys for some much needed help

I've also took some pics if that will help...

string with the clay bowl :

Stem with string :

Fitted Stem and Base :

Thanks for any help/suggestions
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