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Default Re: How wide are KM downstems?

Originally Posted by bradedup View Post
Volume of cylinder is [(pi)r^2]*height just assume height is 1 for this example..... if radius is .5 then the volume is .25pi which is ~=.8, if radius is .75 then the volume is ~=1.75. So slightly more than double. If you are talking about 1 versus 1.5 in diameter.

Those numbers are rough mental math numbers tho, so accuracy may vary.
Use a 26" hookah just for the sake of being an average size.

A 26" Hookah is 66cm high using the standard conversion formula of (Inches)*2.54 = (cm)
So with a diameter of 1cm on a chinese hookah you get

-> [(3.14)(.25)]*66
-> [.785]*66
-> 51.81cm^3

Now take a 1.5cm KM Hookah

-> [(3.14)(.5625)]*66
-> [1.76625]*66
-> 116.5725cm^3

116.5725 / 51.81
-> 2.25

A KM has 2.25 times more volume capacity @ 1.5cm in diameter than a Chinese hookah at 1cm in diameter.

Now, if Hose ports and Hoses are equal to the diameter of the downstem (unlikely) you'll get optimal volume of smoke. More than likely the port is at least smaller than the downstem, even if the hose isnt. So at the very least, you'll never be drawing the thing to capacity.

So if the hose port is equal on both hookahs, and smaller than a chinese downstem, and smaller than a km downstem, neither will produce better smoke volume.
If KMs have larger hose ports, then they achieve greater volume and you inhale more smoke at an equal rate than you would with the chinese.

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