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Default Re: How wide are KM downstems?

Originally Posted by nmcgrawj View Post
So you are limited by the volumetric efficiency of the smallest hole right?

And stem size isnt the same as how tall a hookah is right? But i guess it would be an "ok" assumption to make as long as you take both as the same. I think we should note though that if you have a short downstem that doesnt go that deep into the base, then you cant assume your "29inch" whatever is going to perform like a 29" KM or whatever that has a longer downstem.
Correct, actually I didnt bother to take into account the fact that the hookah is measured from top to bottom, not on stem size.

So yes, assuming both stems are the same length, the larger diameter stem produces more volume, but the limiting factor is the smallest junction in the circuit, the hose port.

Also, thats not taking into consideration the use of a diffuser, which would have to have enough holes to equal the volume capacity of the downstem itself, otherwise it will restrict flow as well.
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