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Default Re: How wide are KM downstems?

Originally Posted by bradedup View Post
You are not necessarily limited by the volumetric efficiency of the smallest hole; if this were true then upgrading a hose would not increase airflow, as in most cases the hose is still wider than the host port even in generic hookahs. The exact correlation cannot really be determined without aerophysics and some fluid mechanics principles applied to gases. Because the speed of the gas being pulled through the hose port will speed up at the choke.

Also the length of the stem is NOT equal to the height of the hookah.
Ding ding, winner. Was just talking this over with a friend on aim actually.

You'd have to measure the air volume at any given time across each choke point, bowl, stem, diffuser, hose port, hose, hose tip, and add them cumulatively, and the density of the smoke factors in as well.
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