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Default Re: just a few concerns i have about ss

here's the rub. i own two sahara smoke hookahs and both smoke amazing for small hookahs.both which models i cannot recall. one i bought at a local shop for 50 bucks (it was marked up ALOT) and one is a discounted ss hookah (whatever the cheapest one is- 17.99 or something).

$50 at shop on left (hollow stainless steel) - $18 discounted on right (very heavy unknown metal- may be brass underneath- not sure enough to say at all)

most of the time the discounted hookah works much better than the full price one! and i actually just ordered a larger discounted hookah two days ago! the discounted hoses (so far) that i have bought have only had visual blemishes as the site says.

theres a tad bit of hot glue-ish adhesive showing that you cant even see that well in the picture. this is the only "flaw" i have found. no air leaks whatsoever.

the hookahs as well only have visual imperfections that do not matter to a smoker like me who most of the time smokes by his lonesome as way of finding solace. through my personal experience the discounted hookahs work fine. the only issues that were easily fixed were an oblongish base of the hookah (the part with the 2 holes the goes into the grommet) but that fit into a grommet that seemed to be pre-hacked-at (thanks ss cutting crew - i just died in your arms tonight- someone got it)

to fit the stem which then actually fit well into the base without much air leakage (and that was easily fixed with some rubberbands on the grommet to fill in the blanks). some cosmetic stuff like welding points but that adds character unless you wear fancy pants.

hope this long drawn out mess helps you, lei-riddick.

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