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Default Re: Shipping to Canada

[FONT=Verdana]I also find they do tend to tax less during this time of year. Normally with other tobacco the value doesn’t matter but with Shisha tobacco it does. The new tax law on shisha tobacco is for $10 of shisha there is a $30 tax. This is because the weight on a box of shisha is not all tobacco and there is no fair way of taxing how much tobacco is in the box. This is why if a vendor is willing to mark down the package and NOT put in the original invoice showing the value of the purchase then there is no problem. Customs could always by chance open the box and declare what they think the package is really worth but that is normally either way too high or much lower. You can of course dispute this with them if you ever had to.[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]It’s obvious the tax is so outrageous to scare people from not importing shisha tobacco. Which I wouldn’t have to do if they didn’t make it so hard for tobacco dealers in Canada to import it for us. If they don’t want us buying from outside of Canada and that is what is going on here, why don’t they just make it easier for people here to buy from their local vendors? But that will never happen this is Canada and we pay $10 for a pack a cigarettes![/FONT]

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