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Default Mint breakthrough!

Okey guys so we all know by now that mint is one of the best mixer out there... Some prefer AF mint and some nakhla mint.. I personally think nakhlas mint is much better then the AF mint.. Its very refreshing and you can mix it with lemon or orange or pretty much most other tobacco to get the minting sensation without alter the taste..

BUT this is not the breakthrough guys..
Lately I have been experimenting alot ( like three times a day ) to try to get the nakhla sheherazade choclate-mint to smoke good.. I think it tastes very good and smells so good so it should be able to smoke good as well.. buty as noted by many before and also by myself, it contains too much mint and too little chocolate.. Which has been dissapointing.. BUT...

I have recently found out that the purpose for this flavour, nakhla sheherazade chocomint, is not for primary taste smoking..
It is for Mixing!!
I have tried mixing it with everything I smoke lately.. I use a medium tangiers phunnel with scalli.. I put just a very little layer ( cus it is very strong so dont use much ) in the bottom.. then I add the other shisha on top of it, like 15% / 85%. And it works with double apple, it works with fumari mango, it works with surely everything that normal mint works for.. Its just stronger mint which is lovely, but with a little taste of chocolate..
So I must recommend this to everyone who likes to mix with normal mint.. Try to mix your favourite mint mixed shisha with this chocomint instead and you'll love it I assure you!!
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