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Red face Re: Pre-Hookah Routines

Usually I clean off my desk first, since Its probably got 5 dirty coffee mugs on it.

Then I clean my floor, since my girlfriend leaves her shit everywhere and I'll trip if I dont.

Once Im done cleaning up my small mess, and her huge one, I turn on the stove, then I fill my base half way with water, and use ice cubes to get it an inch above the stem from there.Next I assemble my whole hookah, minus the bowl, put the coals on the stove, pack, foil, and poke holes in the bowl, then set that on top of the hookah. Usually go pee, then I put on music, place the coals on my hookah.

Hookah goes on the coffee table, then I fix the crooked blanket on the couch... then I sit and take a few puffs, then I find something else that isnt where its supposed to be, so I put that back.

Then I stop being OCD clean and fire up the laptop to browse some Hpro while I smoke.
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