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Wow... seriously. I went there about 2 weeks ago...

So first, you have to go into this mall. It's not like a normal mall either. It's a chinese mall...

I mean, you walk in, and it's like you're in china. They have these weird booth things, really weird stores, everything is in chinese and everyone there is chinese...

So we find the shop (Stogie's) and I'm thinking... HOW IN THE HELL DO THEY FIT A HOOKAH LOUNGE IN HERE Like seriously, it was a tiny store...

So we pay the 15 bucks each for all we can smoke and head upstairs.... and seriously there is this HUGE hookah bar

Like 50 MYA's, really nice pyramids... and some others

Then a few of those 7 foot hookah for decoration

They make their own shisha, it is REALLY good... I had peach and chocolate mint... smoking the bowls pretty much by myself for about an hour and a half...

Then I puked... nothing against the lounge, it was great.

Very attentive, very easy to get new flavors, very not crowded

Nice music... well to me anyways... bay area rap.

Free pool and everything... it was really nice... except the puking

Highly reccommended
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